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To all lovers, skateboarders, gamers, Petrol Heads, animal lovers, surfers, gamblers and … and … and: We’re constantly developing new LIKYs,

with whom you can tag your hobbies and passions. Here is an overview of all current LIKYs in the shop >

Let me hold your phone.

Handy STANDY is always there when you need your hands. Because you might want to eat on the side. Or because you’re so comfortable and do not want to your arm to fall asleep while watching the movies.

The STANDY is made of poplar wood. Sustainable, fine sanded and sealed. With clip and key ring always at hand. You will love it every single minute with STANDY. Learn more>

Apple Macintosh | Homage Model | 3D puzzle | pen holder

The original Mac. An industrial milestone. A gamechanger of computerization. An iconic product of Apple that we will never forget.

We have reissued it as a 3D puzzle model & pen holder. A super elegant piece made of CO2 neutral papel wood. The desk decoration, not only for Apple and Mac fans. You want it. Here you get it >

Protection to go.

Whether the refrigerator handle in the office, authority doors, elevator buttons … With the Corona Finger you protect yourself from infections caused by handles and buttons.

The Corona Finger is your protective shield against contact-caused infections. Help yourself and others to prevent the spread of viruses. Buy here >


Viral against the virus

Support the Corona Charity Campaign: Share, like and send the animated five-language charity icon as an encouragement to people you can’t meet right now.

Or send them with a teddy, pillow, shirt… love & guts. The proceeds of the charity campaign go to people affected by the Corona crisis. Further information here >

Mallorca to go

From the coat of arms to the eye of the cathedral, or to the never-ending party at Balneario 6. Our Mallorca Collection has a LIKY for many

aspects of this wonderful island. Whether as a souvenir or a gift: a Balearic product, sustainable and beautiful. Here they are >